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Flamenco Flamenca

I can’t dance – I’m unco-ordinated and have been told during my one and only ceroc lesson that I was too wooden. However I love Spanish music so usually just sit and watch the experts.

Today I co-ordinated a flamenco lesson (ticked the names off etc then took party for tapas afterwards) for a social group I belong to. I would never have booked this event for the reasons in the first sentence.

However I had a fantastic time. I continuously got lost with which leg I should be stamping, I raised the wrong arm at the wrong time and was going in the opposite direction to everyone else. However this didn’t matter. I wore a long swishy skirt and tried to dance in some sort of sexy manner swishing my skirt about (we were instructed that you need to act the part right from your very first lesson). This was OK until I caught myself in the mirror and realised that what I thought my dancing looked like was in fact something completely different – cringe-worthy in fact. However I really enjoyed myself. There’s something really satisfying about doing some sort of activity as a one-off, giving it your all, but knowing it doesn’t matter if it all goes wrong as it’s just a bit of fun.

The teacher was very good and by the end of the hour we had a sort of routine although nowhere near as sexy as her interpretation. There was a man sitting in the corner playing the guitar and this rhythmn really helped – now in my flat with no guitar music I can’t get any of the moves to come to mind.

I am now sitting typing this wondering how much I am going to ache tomorrow as this is the most exercise I’ve done in ages and even my fingers seem to be aching! Well worth it though and the tapas afterwards was good too.