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Working for a living

I’m now into my fourth week of no work but wonder how I ever managed to fit work in. I have so many projects on the go at the moment and still seem not to have enough hours in the day. In connection with the course I have to put together a walk on paper by the end of April and learn a route with 16 stops around the London Transport Museum by mid March. I also mentioned in passing on Facebook that I was thinking of putting together a tour around some historical London pubs as seem to have a bit of an encylopaedic knowledge of good pubs – and I’ve already had quite a few enquiries.

I still need to find some “proper” work though so I can pay my bills. Have put my mortgage on another “holiday” to take the pressure off a bit but not having any money isn’t a great thing especially as I want to get out there exploring London and having been at home so much recently now notice all those jobs that need doing but require money!

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