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Gobbledygook on the buses

Amazingly only 2 days after emailing TfL I have had a response. However I am at a loss to understand their explanation and have requested it in plain English. I requested that the 397 be either changed to a double-decker bus or the frequency of the service increased so I could actually get on it.

At present the buses run every half hour. TfL’s response is:

“We have looked into this matter and found that it was a scheduling issue. We have therefore decided to shift the school AM and PM journeys to a spot half an hour earlier in the schedule. Our investigations show that this should better match services with demand and significantly reduce crowding, so a larger bus should not be necessary. This change is planned to be implemented from 13 April.

Am I being dim? I just can’t figure out how that changes anything seeing as the service is half hourly anyway. The “new” service is also starting on Easter Monday when the schools are closed! If anyone can translate this explanation let me know. In the meantime I await their response.

4 Responses to Gobbledygook on the buses

  • Daft, I call it. Sounds like they are pretending they are putting on extra buses at school times. One bus every half hour sounds like the worst service in London. Hope you can get a better response.


  • keep on their case and let them know when it doesn’t make a difference! By the way is this taking your London transport interest a little far!

  • No, I just want to get to work without being stressed after either not being able to get on the bus or being squashed amongst loads of schoolkids! I got early bus today (8.10) and that was still full up.

  • Have just realised that my email worked (or may have been other people complaining too) as an extra bus has been added so between 8 and 9 there are 3 buses rather than 2. A good result. However my contract ended and I’m no longer using the 397!