London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Que sera sera

Not even a week after getting my badge I am already out of action with a broken toe. I tripped over the hem of my pyjama trousers which made me lose my balance and I slammed my toes against the door jamb. I think I woke my neighbours up with my exclamations of pain.
However it was the nausea, blue lips and faintness that were worrying me more than the actual pain of the toe which wasn’t in fact that great (until I tried to walk). NHS Direct said they would call me back in 1.5 hours. This was about 12.30am. Being far too late to call any family or friends I decided after only half an hour of waiting (rather like the girls recently trapped in the storm drain ) to update my Facebook status just really wanting to talk to someone. Everything seems much worse when you’re on your own. My brother had just returned from a local jazz jam saw my message and got in contact. It was good to speak to someone.
I decided to take myself off to A&E but rather stupidly the only reading matter I took with me were the notes for my walk planned for Wednesday 21st. However walking from the flat to the taxi I soon realised I wouldn’t be walking anywhere anytime soon. 3.5 hours on and off in the waiting room is a long time when there’s nothing to read and nothing to eat – I was inexplicably starving for most of the time.
My toe is strapped up and I am in effect trapped in my flat. Walking to the other end of the flat is hard enough so commuting up to London let alone leading a walk is out of the question for the moment.
There’s no point dwelling on what happened. I’m being positive and using this extra time at home to write my long overdue articles for the Londonist and to work on my next walk – a food and drink themed walk around Mayfair. Que sera sera as they say.