London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Back on my feet

Having been more or less house bound/desk bound for the last month or so my toes are now well on the way to recovery and I’m back out there trawling the streets of Westminster for future walks.

Tonight, in preparation for a practice walk in a couple of weeks’ time I walked up and down Whitehall looking for two memorials which I eventually found in a side street.  I should have thought to check exactly where they were before my expedition which erroneously involved the whole length of Whitehall rather than the first third.  I should also have gone to the library after the exploration rather than before as emerged from the library with possibly 4 of the heaviest books they had.

One of the books I borrowed was “One on Every Corner” which is a book about the history of some Westminster pubs.  I can see this will be very useful for the historical pub tours and food and drink themed walks that I’m currently working on.

Tomorrow night I’m planning on walking around Belgravia to see how the pubs on my tour can form a logical walk and end nearish to the tube.  From looking at the map this seems rather impossible as 1 of them is hidden down a mews quite a distance from the tube and the 2 that are near the tube are in a bit of a maze.  I would also like to mention the Plumber’s Arms (mentioning the Lord Lucan connection) in my walk but this one is completely out on a limb to the other 3 pubs.  Am hopeful it will become clearer on the street tomorrow.  I may need some help testing out these walks/pubs.  No doubt I have some friends who would be interested in helping me!