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London Quiz – Part 2

Being in the winning team for the Londonist Quiz a few months ago I was excited when I read about a London quiz for London experts on the Londonist forum.

Unfortunately the response from Visit London to my enquiring email was that the team quota had been filled and there was no room for a guiding team.  However Londonist were lacking a team member so I filled the space.

The venue was upstairs at the Shepherd Tavern one of my favourite pubs in Mayfair.  The drinks were flowing and Visit London were paying.  The teams consisted of cabbies, the Big Bus Company, Londonist and loads and loads of London bloggers.  It was quite a bizarre experience to meet the people behind the blogs I’m signed up to.  Ian Visits was there as was Faded London, Jane’s London, Caroline’s Miscellany and Tom Tired of London.

The questions ranged from fiendishly difficult to extremely easy.  I had tried to do “revision” ie studying some of my books including statues, blue plaques and churches, but this didn’t really help. 

Londonist came a respectable third although there were only 4 points between us and the winners (the cabbies).  Next year there will definitely be a hand-picked guiding team and we will win!