London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

London Quiz Part 3/Invasion of the Pipers

Another night, another quiz.  This time it was the City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association Christmas party at the Adam & Eve pub and the questions were even more difficult than the Visit London quiz earlier in the week.  Having said that with M, the highest scoring runner up in the current Brain of Britain (and also in the winning Londonist quiz team) on our team we came joint first.

After the Visit London quiz I had committed to memory all the answers just in case they came up at the Guides’ quiz as wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if they had done and I couldn’t answer them.  However I needn’t have troubled myself.  Questions weren’t specifically London based apart from one round and many were simply impossible (for me anyway).

The obscure questions included what well known airline once included a seahorse in its logo, the answer being Air France.  We actually got this right as A knew that D the quiz master had once worked for them.

Out of a maximum score of 48 we got a respectable 36 and tied in first place with Team 2.  The tie break question was however too easy so the prize (6 chocolate Santas) had to be shared between 12 people!  Wish it had been the prize from the Visit London quiz – each team member won tickets for a flight on the London Eye.

After the quiz had finished and we were all standing around socialising the pub (which we had hired) was gatecrashed by some Irish guards, 3 in their red tunics and 2 pipers dressed in saffron kilts.  One of the pipers marched up and down the pub playing some tunes (a good way to gatecrash as no-one can hear a thing).  The medley was finished and some of us wanted more but the landlady was conscious of annoying the neighbours so the piper stopped.  A bizarre end to another really good night.