London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Wintry Walking

Back in December when I chose a date for my first Belgravia walk I was unable to foresee that London would be beset with very wintry weather and half the tube system would also be closed (well … in retrospect I could have checked that out on Transport for London).
My “Bibulous Tour of Belgravia” includes visits to 3 pubs. There is also about an hour of walking and stopping at various places of historical interest so quite a bit of time is spent outside. I was reluctant to cancel knowing the forecast was likely to change but it did cross my mind that everyone would drop out and I would be left waiting at Victoria Station by myself.
Dressed like the Michelin Man in thermals, fleece and woolly gloves (and with a spare layer in my bag) I was relieved that there was no wind chill factor and it wasn’t unbearably cold. However I’m sure adrenalin helped to keep me warm.
Thankfully 8 people braved the wintry conditions and came along.   Belgravia pubs on a cold Sunday afternoon were cosy and empty so it was good that in the first two pubs we could all sit together although in the third pub, the Grenadier, half the pub was reserved for diners so that wasn’t great. The fact that all 3 pubs are close together in the second half of the walk meant that the bulk of the walking and talking was out of the way and it was easier to prise everyone out of the 1st and 2nd pubs with the promise that there was an even better pub around the corner.
Belgravia has some unique pubs and unless you work in the area are pubs you would probably never come across. I got the impression that people were genuinely amazed at the pubs we visited which was really good. Now to conquer Marylebone as I know there are some good pubs there too.