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The Moncrieff Christmas Quiz 2011

Last year my family started a new tradition – for each of us to contribute a home-made present to the rest of the family. Last year we made and received home-made soaps, scarves and raspberry gin. My brother, Angus composed and sang a song entitled the “Moncrieff Christmas” about the idiosyncracies of our family Christmas and I took them on a short walk in the vicinity which included telling them about the Tottenham Outrage the wages snatch which ended in a Keystone Cops style chase across Walthamstow Marshes finishing in Oak Hill Cottages just opposite where my parents live.

This year our home-made haul included soap, bath oil, woolly mittens, millionaire’s shortbread, a photo album of long lost pictures from our childhood and a calendar of Hunstanton scenes (from our frequent summer trips there) taken by my sister’s boyfriend, A. My niece created the amazing game Moncrieffopoly adapted from Monopoly with all the places changed to locations relevant to our family and many of the Chance and Community Chest instructions changed too. Angus did a re-run of the Moncrieff Christmas song this time with hymn sheets so we all joined in with the chorus. My favourite line in the song remains “And mother’s proclivity to knit the nativity”; it’s too complicated to explain!

This year rather than a walk I created a Christmas Quiz about some of the famous people that have lived in the local area and some of their inventions; my family were quite surprised at some of the answers.

You may not be able to Google all the answers but they can definitely be guessed.  Email me with your answers and the first person with ten correct will win two places on one of my upcoming walks.  Good luck!

1.  What world famous aircraft invented in the 1960s was designed by a man whose parents owned a toy shop on the corner of Beech Hall Road and Hale End Road, Highams Park, London E4?

2.  Which famous jazz musician spent his childhood in a house in Hollywood Way, Woodford Green?

3.  What other world famous aircraft invented in the 1920s was designed by a man who lived as a child in Silverdale Road, Highams Park? Richmond Crescent also in Highams Park was named after the designer.

4.  What famous TV cookery expert was born in Fairlop Road, E11 in 1909?

5.  What famous novel (later a film) was written by a man who lived in both College Road, Walthamstow and Oak Hill Gardens, Woodford Green and as a boy attended Sir George Monoux Grammar School in Walthamstow?

6.  What film director was born on the site of 517 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 in 1899 and famously had a cameo role in most of his films?

7.  Which comedian frequently seen on QI spent his childhood in Chingford?

8.  Which Top Ten band whose first single hit the charts in 2002 were formed at Highams Park School?

9.  Which Walthamstow resident has curated an exhibition currently on at the British Museum called “Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman”?

10.  Which famous crime writer was born in South Woodford, E18 in 1930?

First person to get all 10 correct wins. No cash alternative. If no-one gets all 10 by midnight 31 December the person with the most right will win.

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