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Time to slow down

Friends are always saying to me they are surprised at the amount of energy I have and how much I manage to fit into a week.
I am always on the go and do find it hard to say no to invites but also do like a night in at home in front of the TV; however I can go for weeks without even being in to turn the TV on or if at home do tend to sit in front of the PC catching up on emails.
I recently signed up to Foursquare but don’t want to be one of those people who checks in at bus stops, on the train or when at home; I only really want to check in at places off the beaten track. However although I haven’t quite got the hang of how it works it has drawn my attention to just how much I do in a week.
Take last week for instance:
Monday night – The Vaudeville Theatre seeing What the Butler Saw.
Tuesday night – the Deptford Lounge for the Londonist’s London Reads event. Followed by drinks at The Royal Albert (a great pub!), New Cross. Home at 0030.
Wednesday Westminster Archives in the afternoon followed by the CWGLA’s AGM at St Mary Magdalene, followed by drinks at The Waterway. Home at 0015.
Thursday – dropped off a cheque at The Coliseum followed by geocaching as part of the London Mapping Festival in Greenwich Park followed by seeing Molotov Jukebox at The Islington Metalworks for the launch of their EP (my brother is in the band). Home at 0030.
Friday – Up early(ish) for Nordic Walking in Epping Forest but home the rest of the day – phew!
Saturdaytour of the Coliseum, followed by drinks at The Lyceum, followed by fish & chips at The Golden Hind, followed by Henry V at 35 Marylebone High Street!
I struggled to keep awake in the first half of Henry V despite drinking coke with my fish & chips. Looking at the above I can see why.
I think I need to slow down!

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