London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Win with Westminster Walks

Win 2 places on one of my walks. The questions give you a taster (no pun intended) of what you can find out on my walks.  First person with the most correct answers to be received by midnight on Saturday 7th July will win. Email me at to enter. The prize has no time limit and can be either 2 places on 1 walk or 1 place on 2 different walks. My upcoming public walks are listed here.

1.  Where in Mayfair can you buy a small cream tea for under £10?

2.  Name one drinking establishment (not necessarily in Westminster) where you can buy the King’s Ginger (not counting Berry Bros)?

3.  Which perfume shop in Mayfair contains a tiny tea room?

4.  Name two of Alexis Soyer’s culinary inventions.

5.  Which pub in the City of Westminster was built as a brothel?

6. Where is the garden in the photo below?