London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Clerkenwell: Not just a watering hole

This walk explores Clerkenwell, historically a place of gin and beer production.  Hear how the abundance of fresh water in Clerkenwell shaped the area firstly with the religious settlements and later with distilleries and breweries. We will hear about the connection between gin and cricket, the terrible slums and the criminals who lived within, the influence Smithfield Market had on the surrounding streets, temperance societies, a coffee house where Latin was the only language permitted and the now long gone theatre known as the blood tub.

We will also hear about foodie places on the way such as an electrical shop that sells award winning olive oil, an Irish cafe in an unusual location and a pub that isn’t quite what it seems.

Photo courtesy of Esprielle Kiefer

Photo courtesy of Esprielle Kiefer

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