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From Pimp Hall to Ale House Field – off the beaten track in Chingford

What do Ivor Novello, Lawrence of Arabia, Queen Victoria and the Forgotten Father of English Sport have in common? Answer – they are all connected to Chingford in some way.

On this walk featuring the lesser known history of E4 we will hear about the World War One Aerodrome now underneath a reservoir and Ivor Novello’s connection with the airfield and the pub nearby.

Once part of the long gone Great Forest of Waltham what is today Epping Forest was a hunting ground for Henry VIII. 

After the Epping Forest Act of 1878 and the arrival of the railways Chingford and the Forest became a day out for hordes of Eastenders, with some 100,000 visiting on Whit Monday 1920.

Hidden away between the allotments and the local tip can be found a dovecote (see picture) which is all that remains of one of the three manor houses in the area. We will walk through an ancient cross-roads and hear what connects field names such as Ale House Field and Dog Kennel Field to its history.

Although not a sporting themed walk we will see where the man that did so much for English sport lived for a while and see a cricket ground connected to the former brewers Whitbread.

The walk finishes at a 19th Century refreshment retreat on the edge of Epping Forest but only a 10 minute downhill walk back to the station. There are two pubs close to the finish too.

This walk is approximately 2 miles long and will include some walking on forest paths.

Next public walk:

Saturday 15th September 2018 at 10.30am

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Pimp Hall Dovecote

Pimp Hall Dovecote