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Little Venice Pub
Little Venice Browning's Pool
Little Venice Hidden Garden

Little Venice, Paddington and Pubs

A walk exploring three contrasting areas – Paddington Basin, the old village of Paddington now ‘marooned’ on the other side of the Westway and the area known as Little Venice.

Built in the early 1800s the canals in this area provided a link to both the Midlands and the Thames for the easy transportation of goods. Trade like this has long gone but evidence can still be seen of how the business of the canals functioned.

We start in the area once known derisively as “Stinking Paddington” or the “Paddington Alps” because of the piles of rubbish that awaited transportation out of London. Thankfully it has changed out of all recognition and amongst the new buildings quirky bridges and sculptures are at least several reasons to visit.

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Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019 2.15-5.30pm (two pub stops)

Contact me for availability and cost. All walks can be adapted to start and finish at a venue of choice in the immediate area.

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Little - Venice - Paddington Basin
Little Venice