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Soho Uncensored

“Better a seedy Soho than a tarted up tourist attraction like Covent Garden” so said musician George Melly in 1987.

Soho’s seediness isn’t just a 20th century creation though. This walk with Joanna explores places which would feature in an x-rated history of Soho from the 1700s right up to the present day.

Our walk starts in Soho Square close to the site of the establishment described as a ‘High Class Magical Brothel’ only a couple of doors down from the birthplace of a Lord Mayor’s son ostracized for his improper behaviour.

We will hear about the bizarre story of the Chevalier d’Eon, the magazine office which was constantly mistaken for a brothel, the unconventional writer whose sex colum upset a certain newspaper’s readers, the antics of a corrupt MP which caused a famous rock star to flee from a Greek Street restaurant and the prostitute and thief held in high esteem by Dr Johnson.

We will also hear about the man known as the King of Soho and how he connects to the Soho of the future, hear about the famous Windmill Girls and be disgusted by the rather unsavoury antics that used to take place upstairs at a Soho pub.

Due to the nature of this walk it is not suitable for under 18s.

The meeting point is outside Eat in the north-east corner of Soho Square.

Reviews of this walk from a private group in October 2017

“Absolutely great walk. I’ve worked (and walked) in Soho for 10 years and fancy I know a bit about the area, but I learned something new round almost every corner. Jo was a fantastic guide and really knows her stuff. Everyone on the walk really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend any walk that Jo hosts, and I definitely plan to go on some more.”

“Excellent tour of curiosities and hidden history of Soho – although I work in the area I learnt a lot about the scandals and stories hidden away in this maze of streets.”

“I am based in London but know very little about the history of some of the most interesting parts – like Soho. I went on this walk with clients of mine from USA and it was one of the best walking tours I’ve been on. The walk was not too long – only a couple of kms all together – and took us through the dark and interesting parts of Soho as well as some of the lesser known streets and alley ways. Would highly recommend one of Jo’s walks if you are in London.”

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Due to the nature of this walk it is not suitable for under 18s.

Soho Uncensored walk by Joanna Moncrieff

Soho Uncensored

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Please note: due to the nature of this walk it is not suitable for under 18s

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