London Walking Tours    with Joanna Moncrieff

Westminster: Highlights and Hidden Places

Are you looking for a tour that takes in Westminster highlights but a bit more besides?



I can put together a tour where in addition to the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey,  Downing Street, Horseguards we could see:

all that remains from Whitehall Palace

  • the site of Charles I’s execution and the clue as to the time of day it took place;
  • the site of the Royal Aquarium where the Home Secretary was almost shot from a cannon;
  • the Cromwellian spy whose name is given to the most famous street in the world;
  • the statue said to descend from its plinth and stroll the streets once a year;
  • the site of the royal cockpit which has seen ghostly activity;
  • the one thing in the Palace of Westminster that no other tour guide can lay claim to;
  • the story behind the pelicans in St James’s Park;
  • Duck Island and the significance of Mr Chicken.

buxton-memorial former-swimming-baths